Businesses for Climate Action

Galvanising and equipping businesses to tackle the challenges and opportunities of climate change

For many businesses, climate change can be a big, confusing and complex topic. This is on top of the already urgent, complex issues of our daily business. While also facing the competing demands, resource constraints and evolving risks of our modern economy, businesses are telling us that it’s hard to know what to do or where to start when it comes to taking action. That’s where Businesses for Climate Action comes in.

Here at BCA, we believe that aspiring for a climate positive economy does not mean knowing all the answers, being perfect or doing everything at once. Our approach is rather to galvanise and equip individual businesses and regional and national initiatives as they take step after step on their journey towards a climate positive future. We aren’t interested in telling people what they should do. We are here to enable what they can do now. Our first priority is to help businesses measure, reduce and benefit from reducing their carbon emissions.

BCA’s new initiative – Mission Zero – is the hub to make that happen in our region, connecting businesses with the knowledge, tools, skills, networks and collaborations that would otherwise be opportunities lost. It is an exciting time to partner with our business community as we work together in implementing practical solutions.

The original BCA group came together in 2019, encouraging businesses to measure and cut their emissions and build collaboration across Te Tauihu and beyond.  In December 2021 the group was incorporated under the Charitable Trust Action 1957 as Businesses for Climate Action Trust. 

The future of our environment will be built into the economy of our region.
In Te Tauihu, we are changing our future and paving a path for the world.

Businesses for Climate Action – Annual Impact Report 2021

Learn more about the groups impact including vision, goals and action from the last year.


BCA – Strategy 2022