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Climate solutions for Te Tauihu businesses

In Te Tauihu (the top of the south) local businesses are taking the lead in creating a zero carbon Aotearoa within a resilient sustainable economy, adaptable to both the opportunities and disruptions of climate change.  Together we can transform our business community to create lasting, positive impact.  

Te Tauihu business leaders who've already measured

Progress to date

Our aim is to have 1000 Nelson Tasman businesses measure their carbon footprint within the next 12 months.  We recognise this is an ambitious undertaking, but addressing the challenges around climate change is not for the faint hearted and the bigger the number, the closer we get to zero.

To that end, we’re facilitating workshops, seminars and events that provide connection, education and inspiration.

The latest updates from the network


For 20 years the Alborn’s have been tourism operators in our region’s national park.  The family behind are so committed to protecting the environment they love,

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EKOS carbon sinks

Written by Dr Sean Weaver – CEO of Ekos At Ekos we facilitate connections between businesses going zero carbon and reforestation projects that look after

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Chia Sisters impact report

Chia Sisters’ core values are sustainability, nutrition and innovation. Making decisions that positively affect the well-being of people and the environment is in our DNA.

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