Businesses for Climate Action

Galvanising and equipping businesses to tackle the challenges and opportunities of climate change

Climate change can be an extremely complex, technical and confusing topic.  And businesses are telling us that it’s hard to know what to do or where to start when it comes to taking action. We recognise there’s a lot of information out there and we see our role as simplifying the space and connecting people to practical solutions. 

One thing we focus a lot on is supporting businesses to measure their emissions. Why? Because businesses that measure their footprint unveil the source of their emissions as well as the costs, opportunities and challenges they present. Once empowered with this information, most are able to reduce their emissions, perhaps even to Zero. So the greater the number of businesses that measure their emissions, the closer our whole region can get to Zero.

We are here to help businesses throughout their journey to measure, reduce and benefit from climate action. In 2022 we will ramp up efforts to include things like skills training and serving as the hub for collaborative climate projects. It is an exciting time to partnership with our business community as we work together in implementing practical, rapid and scalable solutions.

The future of our environment will be built into the economy of our region.
In Te Tauihu, we are changing our future and paving a path for the world.

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What areas are you interested in reducing your carbon emissions?