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In Te Tauihu (the top of the south) local businesses are taking the lead in creating a zero carbon Aotearoa within a resilient sustainable economy, adaptable to both the opportunities and disruptions of climate change.  Together we can transform our business community to create lasting, positive impact.  The best place to start is to measure a business’s carbon emissions, so you know how big they are and where they’re coming from.

Some Te Tauihu business leaders who've already measured

Progress to date

Our aim is to have 1000 businesses across Te Tauihu measure their carbon footprint by the end of 2021.  This is an ambitious target but slowing climate change is a big challenge.  Businesses that measure their footprints will learn about their emissions – how large they are, and where they come from – and many of these businesses will be inspired to reduce them… perhaps even to ‘net zero’. So the greater the number of businesses that measure their emissions, the closer the whole region could get to zero.

To that end, we’re facilitating workshops, seminars and events that provide connection, education and inspiration.

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What areas are you interested in reducing your carbon emissions?