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The top of the South Island is recognised for its artisan producers, creating food and drink through both traditional techniques and innovative world leading processes. Recognised for sunshine, the purest waters in the world, and national parks, the sustainability story is integral to our success on the world stage.

We are working together to strengthen that story along with taking responsibility for our impact. Our goal is to prioritise having a positive impact on the environment we interact with. To do this we must measure and reduce our carbon footprint.

Chia Sisters are the activators for the food & beverage sector. They are now in their second year of measuring their carbon footprint and recognise that sharing solutions will assist the food and beverage sector reduce their emissions collectively.

They have lined their juicery with 34 solar panels, use electric vehicles, have reduced air freight, and are trialling reuse options such as refillable juice kegs.

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Sector activators

Florence Van Dyke
Chia Sisters

Chloe and Florence Van Dyke address attendees at Food & Beverages event at Pic's Peanut Butter World, March 2021
Businesses for Climate Action Food & Beverages event, March 2021

Sector news

Chia Sisters impact report

Chia Sisters’ core values are sustainability, nutrition and innovation. Making decisions that positively affect the well-being of people and the environment is in our DNA.

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