Chia Sisters impact report

Chia Sisters’ core values are sustainability, nutrition and innovation. Making decisions that positively affect the well-being of people and the environment is in our DNA. It is well documented and widely accepted that it is people who are causing changes to the conditions of our planet and the natural environment. At a time when the imbalance of wealth in the world has reached alarming proportions, humans are on trend to use the equivalent of two planets’ worth of resources by 2030.

Most companies are operating without including or considering the damage caused to the environment and people in their balance sheets. This has led to rising inequality and environmental destruction.1 Doing business sustainably is a Chia Sisters core value. We are only one small player, but we want to lead by example in this space. By putting sustainability at the core of our business we are successfully having a positive impact on the environment and the community in which we operate. Some of our proudest achievements are:

Achieving Zero Carbon and Climate Positive business operations status.
This means the overall activity of Chia Sisters business operations reduces carbon in the atmosphere. Emissions are offset by planting and maintaining native trees in the local Rameka forest, which is regenerating farmland.

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