Fleet Management Subgroup meeting

The Fleet Management Subgroup held their last meeting on Thursday the 18th February. Mike Compton, Fleet Manager of Alsco was the guest speaker. He shared the challenging and rewarding experiences of Alsco in establishing New Zealand’s first intercity Electric Freight Truck. The truck has a range of 200km, however the daily intercity route is 280 Km. The biggest challenges have been in the top of charging, which were found to be slower than anticipated. So with some additional expenditure to upgrade the onboard charging and setting up a split shift where the driver works 4 hours on, 4 hours off, they have managed to overcome these shortfalls. Although an expensive investment, the electric truck has lead to considerable savings such as $35,000 per year in Road User Charges, ½ the maintenance costs and around ½ the fuel savings (paying for electricity instead of fuel). To learn more see https://genless.govt.nz/stories-and-case-studies/case-studies/electric-inter-city-freight-truck-pushes-boundaries/

Lindsay Wood, participant in the fleet management group is behind a unique competition that has just been launched to tap into the knowledge of truck drivers relating to emission reductions. For more details see https://www.newsroom.co.nz/pro/a-think-tank-of-truck-drivers-to-change-the-world

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