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05:30 PM

Are you keen to be part of creating local, sustainable economic and social systems that actually address climate change and waste? Then come to join us, the Zero Waste Network at their upcoming networking event (with support from Social Impact Nelson Tasman and the Nelson Tasman Climate Forum). Find out what real practical solutions people are using in Nelson and how you can link up with the work that is already happening. This event is an opportunity for networking: sharing knowledge, contacts and learnings while growing our capacity to do this work. And of course, to enjoy some drinks, nibble and great chats while we do that. In order to be successful we need you to come along ready to participate and co-create this event. Hear from our fantastic local guest speakers talking about their experiences being part of a thriving circular economy.

The circular economy is an alternative to throw-away thinking and our ‘make-use-dispose’ economic model. In a circular economy, waste has been designed out of the system, no excess is produced and all resources are recovered. A circular economy is restorative and regenerative by design and recognises the intrinsic value of all living things and the ecosystems that sustain life. It creates strong, resilient and equitable communities where people have what they need to live happy and fulfilling lives. For more info email

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Organised by Zero Waste Network Aotearoa.

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